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The FREE Internet Marketing and Trading site

Create your own free online shop and free Internet Trading platform for customers to search for and buy your products online. Be ahead of your competitors and at the top of the  searches for your products. Make the buying process quick, straightforward and simple. Sole traders or companies without internet trading facilities can quickly and simply develop their own free e-commerce trading website by utilising our leading software and create your own products, upload photographs, code them, develop descriptions and structure your own catalogue without cost to you the trader. So why not not join us, take a look and visit our demo store.                                               

NO FINANCIAL RISK, the only cost to you as a trader is JUST YOUR TIME.

Once you are up and running we simply agree a small commission on sales made through your FREE trading website to cover the initial set up work, the ongoing development and SEO to ensure you are picked up in Google searches. A REAL NO COST – NO RISK OPPORTUNITY.

Contact us at for a discussion about how you can quickly benefit from Internet Marketing and Trading. Or, visit our 'Commission Your Store' page to start the process.


Complete List of Features

General Benefits

  • Simple to setup 
  • The sign-up process is quick and painless
  • The software control panel makes every aspect of your store easy to manage.
  • No software to install or learn as the store is entirely online, there' is no software to download so you can manage your store from any computer with an Internet connection!
  • Sell your products all day, every day 24/7. No opening or closing times.
  • Works in Dollars, Pounds and Euros.
  • Secure hosting
  • No access restrictions to your store, no matter how busy it gets.
  • Use with your existing domain name, or multiple domain names linking to your store.
  • A Complete and Free Web store.
  • The complete e-commerce solution.
  • Free Manuals, Help Guides and Customer Support.

Build you own online shop for free and enjoy all the features listed below completely FREE !!!


  • Powerful and fast product search, customers can quickly and easily search through your products.
  • Colours, weights, sizes - You can create unlimited variations of your products, such as Size and Colour.
  • Cross- selling features and tools, Show Related Products Link your products together to show your customers other products they may be interested in.
  • Display Featured Products.
  • Top Selling products are automatically displayed.
  • Recently Viewed products are automatically tracked.
  • Special Offer options - discounted products can be highlighted, time scales of offer.
  • Products can be assigned to multiple categories, meaning that you can allow your customers to navigate to products using different routes.
  • Import and Export products via Microsoft excel. You can export your entire range of products into a spreadsheet, allowing you to quickly and easily make changes en-masse, then import them back into your store.


  • Manage your web store from anywhere using your own secure login and password.
  • Quick and simply buying process. Customers can easily buy from your store - add products to their shopping basket and checkout!
  • Secure SSL connection through PayPal so that all payments are processed securely using up-to-date SSL protection. Your customers can be sure their transactions are completely secure.
  • Accept payment by Cheques, Postal Orders and more * Let your customers pay however they want, even if they want to use traditional offline payment methods, such as cheques and bank transfers.


  • Create your own shipping rules. You have control over the shipping methods offered to your customers, regardless of their location.
  • Create rules based on weight, quantity or price Flexible Postage Rules allow you to calculate the shipping cost based on the total order value, weight or quantity.
  • Set Minimum and Maximum shipping costs Use Minimum and Maximum values to maintain absolute control over your shipping costs, no matter how complex the order becomes.
  • Allow shopper to choose delivery method Offer multiple options to your customers and them decide how they want the goods to be shipping.


  • Customise your web store colours
  • Create themes and customise the colours used throughout your store.
  • Upload your Company Logo.
  • Contact form provided - customers email you directly The Contact page on your store lets your customers get in touch with you quickly and efficiently.
  • Customisable Terms and Privacy statements. You can edit your Terms and Privacy Policy. We also provide a comprehensive starting set of terms and conditions to minimise your workload.
  • Add and edit your own non-product pages. Create non-product pages to provide additional information for your customers. They're easy to create using our powerful Text Editor.


  • Set a Global Sales Tax rate that applies to your store, or set up unique custom tax rates.
  • Show prices Inclusive or Exclusive of tax .
  • Vat is auto-calculated at checkout
  •  A cost breakdown is shown to customers during checkout, letting them know exactly how much tax is involved.
  • Turn Sales Tax off and on
  • Managing your store vat is incredibly simple.


  • Integrated Stock Control - Keep on top of your stock Track stock as closely as you want to, or disable it completely if you don't want to track stock levels.
  • Stock levels auto-update on sale of goods. When ever an order is placed on your store, your stock levels automatically update to reflect the changes.
  • Auto-hide products that are out of stock.
  • Auto-show 'out-of-stock' items.  You can leave out of stock products on your store, but clearly mark them as “out of stock” for your customers.
  • Allows shoppers to request notification when stock is available if a customer views an out of stock product.
  • Print off daily stock reports


  • View and manage all orders online. Simply mark them as Completed once you've fulfilled the order.
  • View full order and customer details. Every last detail about each order and customer is at your fingertips, so processing your orders is a piece of cake.
  • Automatic Order Notification emails. Your customers are immediately sent details of their order including a copy of their invoice.
  • Create, customise and print/email PDF Invoices. Invoices are automatically generated for you for each of your orders, you can customise their appearance.
  • Integrate your store with Google Analytics and access a range of incredibly detailed statistics.
  • Create your own email mail shot with special offers.
  • Automatic SEO - Your store optimises itself! Every page on your store automatically optimises itself to help boost your search engine rankings.
  • Manage your own Keywords Customise your Meta Keywords, Description and Titles however you want for every product, page and category on your store.
  • View detailed up-to-the-minute visitor statistics * Access a range of statistics about your visitors and monitor their habits, all in real time. Respond to your customers' trends quickly and easily.
  • Find out your most popular products & search terms * Find out which of your products are most popular and track visitors searches - if people are searching for a product you don't stock, maybe it's time to order it in!
  • Upload your products to Google * Our Google Shopping product uploader lets you send your entire product range directly to Google Shopping.
  • Import/Export Product Spreadsheet You can export your entire range of products into a spreadsheet, allowing you to quickly and easily make changes en-masse, then import them back into your store.
  • Bulk Discounts, set multiple costs for each of your products, so if a customer orders more than one at the same time, they are offered a discount.
  • View Customer Info View a range of details about all of your previous customers at a glance. You can even export the entire list into a spreadsheet.
  • Enhanced Search Engine Optimisation Optimise every product, page and category on your store to help search engines understand what the page is all about.