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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I already have a domain name and website promoting my goods?

A. A number of solutions are available. We can integrate your website into the BGBP website with the same content, plus, BGBP’s store, product presentation and trading capabilities. Or, you can maintain your website as a separate domain and we will add a link to it should people want to buy your products on line.

Q. Do Customers see and go to the BGBP website or my store?

A. Generally customers searching on the web will go directly to the home page of your store. Either through searching for your domain name, or, the search engine optimisation words which we configure and develop for you which describe your products and services.

You then have the potential added benefit of additional customers where if a customer has visited BGBP or have purchased from another store within it, you are included in the store list and any searches for your products and services and may receive additional sales.

Q. How is payment made and when do traders get paid?

A. Payment details are shown in each store from a customer’s viewpoint and in the demo store for traders;

Payment is received through PayPal, a secure payment process system, which works behind the scenes to help protect retailers and customers.

  • It reassures customers who trust PayPal with protecting their sensitive financial details
  • It safeguards customer info with PCI-compliant standards for data protection

Better for Buyers

Your customers will love the speed of PayPal's streamlined checkout experience. And you'll love the sales boost PayPal with BGBP deliver.

  • Get paid by anyone with a credit card—they don't need a PayPal account
  • Buyers trust that PayPal won't share their financial info with merchants.

Payment by the Customer and to the Trader

When the customer orders on line PayPal authorises the payment against the customer’s credit card, usually open for 30 days. When the trader confirms Shipment the system generates an Invoice and Shipping Confirmation. PayPal then processes the payment and credits it. Clearance to bank accounts usually takes 2-3 working days. The trader will receive a weekly payment of all credit card transactions cleared during the prior week.

More Secure and Trader is Protected

PayPal uses cutting-edge data encryption, fraud detection tools and all kinds of other advanced techniques to improve security. This is why your customers will feel comfortable paying you.

The PayPal Seller Protection policy can protect you against claims, chargeback’s and reversals, subject to eligibility. You can post to any address and there is no annual coverage limit. It is free without charge and you are eligible for it providing you follow their guidelines on shipment and confirmation, etc., see FAQ relating to this, (refer, to the PayPal site for details, terms and conditions).

International Currencies

PayPal is ideal for selling overseas. You can accept payments in most currencies from many countries and markets worldwide. You will need to talk to BGBP if you intend to sell overseas in foreign currencies so that we can set up for you.

Q. What financial commitments do I have to make as a trader to BGBP?

A. We ask that you commit to a £250 set up fee, payable when we have configured an operational trading site for you? Then we take a 10% commission of any sales you make on line. If you don’t make any sales there are no fees, BGBP take the risk.

Q How long am I committed as a trader to BGBP?

A. We do the work and take the risk on your behalf of configuring your store, setting up your trading, progressively expanding your on line range and regularly perform search engine optimisation and on line marketing activities on your behalf. Ethically we request you to stay with us for as long as we provide these activities competitively on your behalf.

Contractually we seek a two year minimum contract, with a three month rolling notice period thereafter.