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Create your own FREE e~commerce Shop & Enjoy the Best Online Service on the Net

 At Absolutely NO COST to you we will build your FREE e-commerce shop to enable you to sell on the internet and start making money. Opening your shop with 'Best Goods Best Prices' offers you the following benefits:

  • A FREE dynamic and professional website and shop.
  • Easy to Set Up and the sign up process is quick and simple.
  • Use of your existing domain name. if you have one, if not we cahnge quickly obtain one for you.
  • A known and trusted Checkout and payment system.
  • An Easy to Use system that enables you to manage your store, products, orders, sales, delivery, stock and Invoicing.
  • No software to install, your store is entirely online meaning you can manage it from any computer with an internet connection.
  • Sell your Products all year round in the largest and fastest growing marketplace in the world. all day and every day.
  • Quick Guidance and initial set up for your first 20 selling items.
  • SEO advice for Shop Optimisation within Google to increase customers.
  • Simple and Free Operating Guides.
  • No set up costs
  • Regular 'Search Engine Optimisation' activities on your behalf.
  • Customer lists for you to realise potential repeat sales.
  • Various Selling and Marketing Tools for you to utilise and increase sales.

 NO SALES NO COSTS - Best Goods Best Prices only charge a mutually agreed low percentage of payments for goods sold through us. 

Visit our 'Demo Store';  and to learn more about this opportunity, our services and support please click on the tabs above, or contact us at


Be Part of the Best Selling and Shopping Experience on the Net.